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Descendiente de la lréchecua Tzintzuntzáni, Chicano por fortuna. I was born November 23rd in the county of El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río Porciúncula, Califas. I'm a freshman at the California State University, Long Beach(CSULB). Home of the 49ers! I'm studying film to eventually become a Horror/Noir director. You can see me sporting a pompadour. I get that specially done at the American Vintage Barbershop in Uptown Whittier by Carlos Gomez from the Hi-Strung Ramblers. I'm a ROCKABILLY. If you want to know more, ask me or fan message me. You're always more than welcome to submit whatever you like, if I find it interesting myself, I'll post it. Find me on X-box Live at DJ ONLY. My Nintendo 3DS XL friend code is 3497-0998-1500. Add me!

Suaviter in modo
Fortiter in re,
R.F., Jr.

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Going to watch some pachucadas in one of my favorite films, vatos y rucas! #ZootSuit #LuisValdez #EdwardJamesOlmos #Chicano #Pachuco #SleepyLagoon

Going to watch some pachucadas in one of my favorite films, vatos y rucas! #ZootSuit #LuisValdez #EdwardJamesOlmos #Chicano #Pachuco #SleepyLagoon

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